Distribution Rights:

What You Can Do:

● You can sell it as your own product.

● You can sell resale rights or master resell rights.

● The product must be sold at a minimum sale price of $500. You can sell it at any price of your choosing, but it must be $500 or above.

● You can offer discounts, but the product can never be sold below $500 under any circumstance)

● Your members get all the same rights and access to the coaching.

● You can add your own affiliate products and recommend other products you use.

● You can add to the course, create your own videos and add more value for your customers.

What You Can’t Do:
● You can’t add it to a paid membership site as extra content.

● You can’t give away the product for free.

● You can’t offer the product as a bonus for another product you’re selling.

● You can’t package it with another product. This devalues the product and coaching.

● You can’t sell the product on auction sites. (Only your personal domain/merchant)

● The videos can’t be modified in any way. You can add your own videos to it, but you can’t alter or edit the videos.

● You can’t use the testimonials (video or pics) for DCM.

● You can’t use “Zach Crawford’s name or pictures in your branding, funnel or marketing.

● You can’t use DCM or of the branding in your funnel, domain or marketing.

● You can’t run an affiliate program for the product. If you want to run an affiliate program create your own product from scratch.

If You Break The Rules:

● You will be banned and lose all access.

● If you push the limits, do unethical practices and do anything to damage my credibility you will hear from my lawyer.